Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kuhrang Public Library

            For a change of pace I decided to take a look at a library that’s not in Cybrary City. I stopped by Kuhrang Public Library, a library I confess I had a hard time locating. I finally found this library in the sky and took sometime to check out what they had to offer.

The library covers not only many different kinds of topics but also has several different kinds of ways to provide the books. There are science fiction, picture books, classics (public domain books that are common on Second Life), poems, writing guides, cooking, subscription to magazines etc. Some are written for Second Life publication others are RL published books.

Many are objects that you can click through, page by page or wear but there are also many that are contained entirely in note cards. What I liked seeing, in particular, was that they had links to other prominent SL libraries that I think is a really good way at least attempt at a more unified SL library community.

            It’s hard to reach some of the books that are placed very high up. I’m still kind of a newbie on SL so I couldn’t figure out how to access those. 

But otherwise there are many places to sit and lots of content to go through in this library. Unfortunately, as is often true, I did not come across any other visitors during my time here.



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