Monday, December 5, 2011

Farewell, Esoterica Library

Saying goodbye to the Esoterica Library...
When I realized that it was gone, I heard Joni Mitchell in my head...and wished I had a river that I could skate away on....

The Esoterica Library was a graceful, beautiful library overlooking a river in New Toulouse.  I stumbled upon it one evening as I was touring the Touissant L'Overture Community Library just down the street.  Rose Brennan, the Esoterica head librarian, heard my camera clicking and graciously invited me over for a friendly cup of tea and warm blueberry muffins.  After an hour of wonderful conversation, I left with a promise to return to tour her library and formally interview her for this blog.

Return I did, and often - not for tours or interviews but to chat with Rose if she happened to be around or to sit on the swing in the library courtyard.  Nestled on comfy cushions, I'd leisurely answer IMs and watch the sky  turn from creamy orange to dust pink to twinkling midnight blue.

Today, the swing is gone, as is the library and the lovely building that it was in.  In it's place is a family graveyard.   Though the river and the neighboring buildings are still there, the colors in the sky - and the peace they used to bring -  just aren't quite the same.

Here's to you, Esoterica & Rose.  You will be missed.

~ Zoe

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