Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cybrary City Part 1

                Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a little MIA recently, but I have still been making my way around the libraries of Second Life. Mostly I have been looking at the libraries established on Cybrary City most of which are university libraries. 
                The first library I went to was Kean University’s library. The first floor is devoted to objects that could lead visitors to the Kean library’s website. The top floor has an area where meetings could take place. There are some posters on the walls that detail the proponents of what they call “library 2.0.” It seems that much of what is available there is devoted to informing Kean students about how their actual library works. The second story is devoted to a kind of meeting room that users can have discussions or events in if they'd like.

                The next library I went to was actually the Homeless Resource Center. There are several books on the shelves that provide notecards when you click on them that provide information about the different aspects of homelessness. This includes true stories, facts and advice. Unfortunately this hasn’t been updated since perhaps 2006, but I think that, overall, it’s a good beginners reference on the topic.

                The UCLA Library was much like the Kean library with a reference type are on the first floor where links to the library’s website was provided. The top floor has an area where presentations could be made, mainly in powerpoint form. Many of the presentations were still on the walls. They utilize the Powerpoint type of display that you can use in Second Life. You can click on the presentation and flip through the images. Perhaps they had actual presentations of these works at sometime in the past where an audience was in attendance.

                I apologize for the short post but these are the only libraries I've looked through so far. I will save my thoughts about the Island until I've gone through them all. Until next time!

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