Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cybrary City Part 5

                I’m going to start off today’s post with my visit to the Wine Library at Cybrary City II. The library is small and very nicely decorated (as is expected of a wine library). There are many places to sit and read but there are no real books or content available. There is one book that is one that you can click on to flip through which has small related pieces such as “what to buy for a wine lover.” However, the library seems to be a place that is more directed to events and discussion about wine than anything else.

                The next place I went to was the College of New Rochelle – Gill Library Annex on Cybrary City II. In the front yard of the building is a “maze” of books covers of books pertaining to Ecofeminism. When you click on them you’re given basically 2 options: you can view some of them online (through google books) or you can go to the CNR library site about their Ecofeminism collection.

                When inside their building you can find many places to sit and read. Most of the objects you can click on lead you to the library’s website. On the upper floor there is currently an art exhibit that utilizes the powerpoint type of presentation display. I’m not sure of how often they cycle exhibits.

                That’s all for this post! See you soon!

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