Friday, December 16, 2011

Cybrary City Part 4

            Hey guys! I thought I would get back to my adventures in Cybrary Cities I and II. The first on my list was the University of Zagreb, Dept of Info Sciences Library. 

The first floor is where most of the content is. There are objects on the floor that are basically open books with pictures that give you note cards with information when you click on them. Other objects throughout the room give you information about Croatia, it’s people, achievements and attractions. There’s even an object that gives you information on the faculty.

            The top two floors are basically just areas with seats for conversation and meetings.

            The next library I visited was the Washington County Community College Library. The first floor has a reference desk where you can click on computers that take you to WCC web pages in a different viewer. There are some books, many of which are borrowed from Caledon’s Steampunk collection (something they cite very clearly, which I find to be a great addition). You can click on their shelves and receive note cards with the book content. There’s also a nice screen to watch presentations on (they even give you directions on how to view it if you can’t).

            On the second floor is their gallery where currently they have an exhibit called Photos from Beyond: A Collection from the Hubble Telescope. I think that his library is well put together and is a good combination of books, information about the actual library and a gallery that be change periodically.

            The Maryland Library (Sponsored by Harford County Public Library) was the last library on my list for the day. It’s a very simple set-up, with lots of places to sit and a computer terminal you can click on that gives you some information about Hartford County in particular. 

            The second floor doesn’t really have anything besides a desk, but I’m sure it was meant for events and presentations.

            That’s all for today! See you next time!

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