Friday, December 9, 2011

Cybrary City Part 3

Continuing right on with my adventures through Cybrary City, I visited the University of Florida's library. The university's area is marked by images of buildings and streets. When you walk in you see a set of a bus with some people in it, though there's no real indication about it's purpose. Further within is the library with consists mainly of a collage of images that are probably parts of presentations. To read or see them though you probably need to stand lose and go through first person mode.

The next place I looked at was on Cybrary City II and is called Droppin' Science. Minor research conducted through google indicates that this area is run by Ohio State University and is devoted to Hip-Hop culture. You wouldn't really get that idea just looking around the site until you read some of the information that is offered when most objects are selected.  I first went into the Jook Joint building and looked in side. There are some biographies you receive when you click on a musicians picture and a brief understanding of how they have influenced Hip-Hop.

I then travelled over to the Native American exhibit they had up where, again, you can click on the objects to get a description of the objects but it also samples or suggestions of Native American Hip-Hop artists and rappers.

There's also a model bus tucked away in the corner that represents the segregation laws that plagued our country and arguably has had long-term effects on Hip-Hop culture that is predominately rooted in the experiences of African Americans.

There is also a small building dedicated to the celebration of Latin American month. Inside are some small objects you can click and receive more information. There is a particular focus on Frida Kahlo and her life.

Droppin Science is certainly not what you'd think a library would look like. However, they do provide lots of information (more so than most) and update more frequently than most of the places I have come across.


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