Friday, November 4, 2011

SLLU Book Depository & Alice Free Library

Trying out my Occupy SL freebies....
Okay, I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for a library flush with freebies.  The original purpose for my trip to the Second Life Left Unity (SLLU) sim was to visit their book depository - I'd take some notes, snap a few photos, then call it a day.  Itinerary in hand, I teleported to the sim and, to my surprise, found myself in the midst of the headquarters for Occupy SL.

1st floor of the SLLU Book Depository
According to the SLLU blog, Occupy SL is a space where residents can gather to talk and learn about Occupy Wall Street, collaborate on protests and demonstrations, and envision what a post Occupy society might look like.   Along with a collection of links related to, the Globalrevolution livestream and suggestions on how to organize your very own OWS group, there were some really fun FREE! clothes, FREE! sandwich signs declaring statements like "Make Jobs, Not War!", and FREE! poster signs like the one I'm holding up in the photo above - yay for revolutionary freebies!

Thumbing through the books on SLLU's 2nd floor
Loaded up with groovy goodies, I finally headed into the book depository for a look around.  Sweeping past the gathering nook on the first floor, I made my way upstairs and into a cozy room of wall-to-wall books.  The first bookshelf I touched featured links to media articles about SLLU from the likes of Daily Kos, Alphaville Herald, Frontline, and Betterverse.  The remaining bookshelves featured select SLLU blog posts, focusing on topics such as the economic crises, Robert B. Zoellick and the World Bank, and the Libyan no-fly-zone.

Sippin' tea at the Alice Free Library

Alice in Wonderland 
Not quite ready to head home, I decided to take a quick tour of another library on my list.  The Alice Free Library is located on SL Public Land Preserve, a sim dedicated to preserving SL wilderness and beautiful builds.  For a one time 50L fee, residents can join the preservation group and "camp out" (with an additional suggested donation of $20 a day) and gain temporary privileges to rez prims of single-story structures -preferably tents or cabins.

The library itself is set in a park enclosed by four towering brick walls.  Iced tea & lemon wedges are set out for patrons to help themselves to and seating areas are strategically strewn about the lawn, affording patrons a bit of privacy to read or visit quietly amongst themselves.  Near one of the entrances, a sign is posted encouraging patrons to "post any works of literature, comics or art books you like".  Browsing a bit, I saw that many folks had done just that.  The random collection included books for sale, such as C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength, books for free, such as Act II of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and several intellibooks including a book entitled Esher's Relativia, a tome which exhibits an SL house that was built as as a reproduction of MC Escher's 'Relativity'.  Also included in this collection is a magazine featuring nude avatars - so if you're considering a visit, you may want to leave the wee ones at home.

~  'Til our next adventure,

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