Sunday, November 20, 2011

Parish of Reading Primley Library

My first glimpse of Parish of Reading Primley
::clears throat::

Fellow gentlemen and fair gentlewomen.  'Tis my wish that thou might ponder, for a mere moment, what comes to thine mind when thou considers the "Tudor" period.  Doest thou think of resplendent gowns and fine carriages?  Doest thou think of fascinating monarchs such as King Henry VIII?  Doest thou think of hunky Eric Bana role-playing King Henry VIII in that Boleyn movie? 

Well, when you are thinking about the Parish of Reading Primley, set in Tudor Britain, you would be mostly correct (all but Eric Bana to be found there - shucks!).  The Parish of the Reading Primley is a peasant village located on Renaissance Island and among it's impressive, historically-themed builds, there is a realistic replica of the Globe Theatre,  a stately church, a bustling marketplace, and of course, a cozy library.

Warming up by the fire
The library is located in Lagswell Manor which graciously overlooks the wharf that serves as the entry point for the sim.  It is a well-appointed library  yet humble; there is but a single, solitary desk in a far corner where one may rest and read.

The collection is small but focused.  Offerings in fiction include such scintillating titles as: Queen By Right, Rivals in the Tudor Court, and Henry VIII: Wolfman.  Non-fiction offerings are equally intriguing:  Catherine of Aragon, All the King's Cooks, and Anne Bolyen: Fatal Attraction.  In addition to books, a note card with suggested Tudor & Elizabethan Internet resources is also available.  A portrait of Shakespeare and a book of maps rounds out the collection.

Period dress is encouraged but not required for tourists wishing to visit the library.  Titles of nobility are currently available for purchase if you are interested in a longer stay and serious role-play ('tis alive and well here!)   Baroness, Duke, Marquis - take your pick!  Any title but King Henry VIII - that one's reserved for you know who!  ::wink::

~ 'til our next adventure,


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