Friday, October 21, 2011

Montclair State University Library

       Hey everyone, sorry for the delayed post! Last week I went to check-out the Montclair State University Library. The library seems to be set-up primarily for the students of the university as most of the contents are specific to their library. For instance, there’s a new acquisitions bookcase you can click on that sends you to their new acquisitions page on their website. There are areas that are set-up for accessing news-papers, journals and other search engines that the school has subscriptions too. Obviously, these can only be used if you are a student and presumably if you are physically at the school, accessing their connection. 
Reference desk, complete with librarian doll

 Hello Dolly
       There are dolls that are set-up around the library that you can click on for some help. If you wish to speak with one of the librarians, there are objects you can click on that will allow you to contact them.

 Some photos around the room
You can pick what you like
       There are 2 other floors as well besides the first floor. The second floor has objects that you can click on that will take you to pages that list sources according to subjects (i.e. Literature). Also it is labelled as the conference room. The third floor has some painting canvases and a piano, probably set-up for events and just as an area for general artistic expression.

       The library is straight-forward and well organized. It serves as a kind of interactive form of what is their online website. Of course, it’s the most useful if you are a student at the university, otherwise there is not much you are able to do (besides the thrills of teleporting from floor to floor). If many students used Second Life as a way to access library content then this is certainly helpful but unfortunately I don’t think many students are aware it even exists. 

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