Friday, October 28, 2011

Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)

                  Recently I took some time to walk around the Bavarian StateLibrary (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). And it did take some time because the Bavarian State Library is big. 

I started off by entering the building and checking out the courtyards on the first floor. One was filled with tables and chairs, kind of like a courtyard café. 

The other courtyard had a stage with seating that seemed well equipped for lectures and events. 

Finally making my way to the content, I found that on the first floor there was a kind of exhibition, or information center, that showcased what I assume (everything is in Austro-Bavarian) to be the kinds of programs that are used at the physical library. When you click on the exhibits or pamphlets, they direct you to the website for more information.

                The second floor has a number of rooms you can visit. One room is filled with large books that turn pages when you click them.  You can click on the labels to get notecards with extended information about the book you are looking at. On display were old illuminated manuscripts and the notecards included English translations. I’m not sure if these are books that the library owns or if they are just some they wanted to exhibit. If they are manuscripts they own I think that it’s a wonderful way of giving SL a taste of what is available at the physical library.

                On the other side of the library is another exhibition hall that shows a timeline of the library. Unfortunately there is no English translation for this, but I think it was a good idea.

There is also a massive room set-up much like a university library is with rows and rows of books with desks and chairs to sit and study. There are no actual books there for you to read, but as far as appearance goes, it looks just like a library.

                The Bavarian State Library seems to be somewhat active as notices about lectures are posted throughout the building. However, as per usual, I did not see anyone there. This is unfortunate as I believe that the space decorated well and everything is very professional. I think it’s a great way to advertise and preview their library on SL.
                Until next time!
Artimesia Sockington



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