Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monastery Library

Elegant signage to guide me to my desired destination...
Spirituality.  Knowledge.  Wisdom.
These three realizations are written into the mission of the Monastery and their distilled essence can be felt almost immediately upon landing. Created in 2007, the Monastery was originally located in the Alpine Meadow sim, which is part of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS), a community dedicated to virtual democracy.  In 2009, the Monastery became it's own sim and continued it's focus on texts from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

It is currently managed by curator, Arria Perrault, who graciously granted me an interview after I'd toured her inspirational exhibition space and library.
Nestled in the corner, looking out at the 1st floor...
Initially, Arria got involved with Second Life because she was interested in the idea of a virtual museum and thought it could be interesting to make one in a 3D world.  An RL webdesigner by trade, she built the Monastery from the ground up with help from 5 friends whom she honors with a placard in the courtyard.  At the Monastery, Arria curates and hosts 2-3 exhibitions per year and adds resources to her library to compliment the foci of her exhibitions.
She describes her visitors as a diverse group; some come specifically for the cultural activities while others come to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  Still others come to admire the architecture, particularly the steps that lead up to the tower (which is rumored to be haunted by a ghost). 
Chatting with Arria Perrault, curator of the Monastery...

The library itself is quite cozy and there is much to see.  Situated around the 1st floor are pedestals cradling weighty books; a click on each book will reward the visitor with a different notecard.  These notecards lead to information on topics such as "Ancient Roman Food and Dining", "e-codices", "Enluminures", and much more.  The second floor features wall-to-wall bookshelves, some with clickable links to excerpts from books in the public domain.  Sections include: philosophy (Plato), Greek and Roman myths (cave myth, Narcissus, Theogony-He, and poetry. (Horace-Odes, and Christmas Poems). 

In addition to managing the Monastery in-world, Arria also oversees relevant social networking resources, such as the Monastery Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter pages, as well as a website that features a blog with all the latest news. If rejuvenation and inspiration is what you seek however, a direct trip in-world to the Monastery is where you will find it. 

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