Thursday, September 8, 2011

Libray of Alexandria at ROMA

Recently I visited the Library of Alexandria at ROMA, an ancient Rome SIM. The library is not much more than a single room that’s decorated with Egyptian objects and you can recline on that also has your avatar looking at scrolls. There are no actual books or material to look at, but there is a poster that directs you to their website. From the website you can go to their wiki page and their blog. The wiki page has information about ROMA and how it has developed and the blog is updated with forthcoming events and messages for the SIM’s community.

                It’s a small library and I asume you're suuposed to just reclining on a chair and peruse their websites. I think that it’s a good size for that kind of library and I like the idea of having a separate, small library concerning the SIM itself. The wiki page provides insight into the why’s, when’s and where’s of ROMA's history and is interesting to read. The blog is relatively up to date, and shows a determination to keep the SIM running (despite the absence of any people in the area).
                I want to know what our readers think. Do you think that’s a good idea to have libraries that hold information about the SIMs themselves?



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