Friday, September 16, 2011

The Library at Caledon Oxbridge University

I went to one of the remaining Celadon libraries that we have not reported on yet, the Library at the University of Caledon Oxbridge. It is a lot like the other Caledon libraries in content, basically all of the books you find in any other Celadon Library can also be found here. As for the structure it is very similar to the Whitehorn Memorial Library in that it also has a spiral staircase and several floors of content.

All the books on the top floor are in bookcases but the second floor books are retrieved by clicking on signs that then give you the option to find the books you want.

There are also signs that let you find out about upcoming events and other information about the library.
The one thing I found to be different at this Caledon library was that there were more people here then I had encountered at any other library I visited. However, after I talked to one of the people I met there I discovered that many of the patrons did not actually go there to read the books, but rather just to socialize. My first reaction was disappointment that people were not actually using the library for its intended purpose. However, I feel that an important part of libraries is not only to promote reading and research but also to promote discussion and even debate. In this way it was good to see people spending time in the library, even if it wasn’t to sit down and read a book, something I believe can be a little difficult to do in Second Life in the first place. Also, it is also possible that the libraries are not frequented as much due to the difficulty of supplying demand. It is difficult to maintain a stable turnover of material in SL libraries, I believe. In that case, SL libraries might do better with providing more interactive options.
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