Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Librarium

My library visit for the week was the Librarium at Abitibi

The space is quite large and there are several large bookcases that organize the books according to topic. Each bookcase has arrows you can click to change what book you can read which is something I haven’t really come across before. The book is an object you can attach and then opens up into a notecard that you can read from, usually divided up into chapters. There are a fair amount of books to choose from, roughly 30 to 40 in total, many of which are public domain classics.

Also on the ground floor is a large reading room with couches. There’s a lot of room for events but I didn’t see anything posted around the building that announced what they were. Perhaps there is a community announcement for events at the library.

The strangest part was the second floor which is basically an empty room with a couple of chairs lining the wall. The room is maybe another place for events to take place rather than a space for books.
Overall I think that the space has potential and has an efficient way of presenting the material to visitors but I am interested in the lack of any librarian or any kind of possible interaction you could have there. 

I also travelled to Ancient Ireland to visit a library but I search high and low without ever finding the library. Perhaps there was one there in the past or maybe I’m just missing it completely (if you find it, let me know!). However, I still wanted to mention it because I think it is very well made and a great visit if you’re interested in Buddhist thought or art (I know, the name of the island throws you off)! There are mainly examples of Japanese Buddhism but also South East Asian types as well.


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