Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tipperary Library and Information Center and the Humanism Library at Roma Humanism Garden

Hey everone, it’s time again for my weekly report on libraries I’ve visited. This past week I travelled to the Tipperary Library and Information Center. The library is intimate and the books are organized into shelves according to topics such as cooking, children’s books, Irish and Scottish books, and religious. I was happy to see a well organized and on-topic collection, something that is not always a priority in SL libraries.

The books are on the shelves with ilustrated book covers. Clicking on them opens links in your browser and some of the websites have the books in a convenient layout in which you can click to turn pages, which works really well.

No one was there, but I suggest that you find a book to read and sit nearby the fireplace while you’re there!
The second place I visited was the Humanism Library at Roma Humanism Garden. When you arrive in the garden you are led to the library, which is accessed by traveling down a ramp underground.

The library’s walls are plastered with posters that emphasize the importance of thinking for yourself and respecting the lives of others.

The collection itself is small, only about six books in total. However, they are written by people in the sim rather than just linking to something that has already been produce.When you click on the books they open into notecards for you to read. Other than that the library is quite a large space, with a large section devoted to a reading.I didn’t come across anyone while I was there, but I imagine it might be a good place to discuss and debate with others.
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