Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who the heck is Zoe Foodiboo?

I'm a RL museum archivist...I'm a SL volunteer librarian...and I'm the newest resident scholar blogger at Al-Qantara Library. Lovely to meet you, dear readers!

I was in library school when I first heard about Second Life and it was through class projects that I discovered the joys of SL travel. For my first six months in SL, I made it a point to visit as many sims as I could every time I logged in. I played parcheesi in Egypt, I went skydiving at Sialimonus, and I dipped in onsens at Pontocho Virtual Geisha sim - oh what fun I've had exploring!

Now that I've settled into my new desk at Al-Qantara Library, I'm ready to marry my two great meta-loves: libraries and travel. Like Artemisia and JoCupcake, I'll make weekly visits to a handful of libraries and report back to you with the amazing, the quirky, the inspiring - and everything in-between. I look forward to engaging in conversations with you as we consider together what libraries are currently doing in Second Life (and other virtual world environments), how & why they're doing it, and what they might look like in the Web 3D-point-O future.

Are you with me? Fantastic! Here we go....

~ Zoe

Me at my desk in the Scholars' Studio at Al-Qantara Library
Photo Credit: Al-Qantara Library

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