Friday, August 12, 2011

A waffle-powered trip to the ool...

"Let's take a trip to the ool!"
"The ool? What's an ool?"
"A pool without the pee!" ...giggle*giggle*giggle...

The tinies are surely the silliest and friendliest bunch in the whole wide metaverse. In the mood tonight for a few silly squiggles and giggles, I decided to slip on my tiny-wear and take a skip through Raglan Shire. Almost as soon as I landed, I was greeted by an adorable tiny named Bree. Instant friends, Bree offered to show me the Raglan Public Library...yippee!

Cheerfully decorated with tiny-sized chairs and a polka-dotted fireman's pole, the Mint Chocolate Chip (With Sprinkles!) Raglan Public Library was brimming with fairy tales & classics to read and classical music to play. The walls were lined with bookshelves, each devoted to a different subject: Home & Garden, History, Science & Technology, etc. In the middle of the floor was an intellibook entitled Tiny Tayles: I want to be an Astronaut...looked to be a good read, indeed.

While I wandered the stacks, Bree and my pal Dawn
ran into an old friend - and fellow library patron - Angel. A hug and kissy fest ensued, and soon we four were off to the ool (pool without the pee!)
to go for a dip, beat on some drums and dance the night away! I was a bit sad that my visit to the tiny library was...well...a bit tiny, but so charmed was I by the Mint Chocolate Chip (With Sprinkles!) Raglan Public Library, that I was sure it wouldn't be long before I returned.

~'til our next adventure!

Visit Raglan Public Library:

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