Friday, August 12, 2011

Library Roundup: Bhaktivedanta Library and Reading Room

The Bhaktivedanta Library is a small reading room in a beautiful Hindu/Indian  sim on the Archers Island.

As a reading room, one cannot really expect any sort of reference service available. Additionally, with only two chairs and a bench, this is not a place for any kind of book discussion or other event. It is a peaceful environment to explore Hindu and Indian text, and I believe that is all it ever intended to be.

For such a small place, this library succeeds at providing a variety of resources. While some books need to be purchased in order to be read, others send you to a web page or deliver a notecard free of cost. The texts are primarily religious in nature, and though there is no way to find out what books they have without clicking on each individual one this doesn't bother me because a) the library is so small and b) the theme is very clear. Anyone who wants information on Hinduism will be interested in these books, and anyone who isn't will quickly realize it. This is also conveyed by the decor (images of Ghandi, etc.).

The one exception to the Hinduism books was this Indian cookbook, which, as a great fan of Indian food, I thoroughly enjoyed. This book was not available for purchase but was large enough to read when zoomed in.

Overall, I think this library effectively does what it intends to do, and in the process creates an enironment that is both pleasant and conducive to learning about Hinduism.



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