Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Camelot, we go?

"Hmmm, whatever shall I weareth?" I wondered aloud as I rummaged through my virtual closet looking for something appropriate - and fabulously medieval - to wear. I'd spent the morning sipping coffee and perusing the Rossell Hope Robbins Library website and the words "Camelot...Robin Hood...Crusades" had leapt out at me immediately. Visions of towering castles and shining knights danced through my head and I knew - I just knew - that showing up in my onyx mini dress and slouchy leather boots most certainly would not do.

Smoothed tresses and corseted gown in place, I eagerly teleported to the Robbins Library. Landing on the grass with a soft bump, I looked around, and blinked. Alas, nary a turret or drawbridge were in sight. The Robbins Library turned out to be a very modern Second Life building - easy to fly into, floors made of blond wood, anchored by a gurgling contemporary much for my Arthurian fantasies!

Intrepidity and excitement intact, I stepped in for a look around. Named after it's donors, Rossell Hope & Helen Ann Mins Robbins, this library reflects their intellectual interests: Middle English, Old English, Anglo-Norman, and French literature; medieval history, philosophy, theology, and art; manuscript studies; witchcraft (ooh!); and Arthurian studies.

On the first floor are two tables filled with clickable books; each offer links to websites for the various projects that the library oversees, such as the Robin Hood Project and the Camelot Project. A series of TEAMS Middle English Texts lead to further information on The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages.
On the second floor were beautiful windows designed to look like pages of medieval text and illustrations. An open intellibook of The Gospels sitting in front of one of the elaborate windows made for a very lovely photo opportunity - my gown came in handy, after all!

The Robbins Library is a wonderful resource of medieval treasures. Go ahead and dust off your best gown or suit of armor, then head here:

~ 'til our next adventure,

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