Monday, August 15, 2011

Fancy-Footed and Pest-Free at the Norgesbiblioteket

RL brick-and-mortar libraries are charged with the care of valuable resources which must be protected from the unpredictability of both mother nature and the random ill-intentioned patron. In Second Life, however, there are no such limitations and the SL architect is free to design with an unfettered imagination. It is thus not uncommon to see a library such as this one, the Norgesbiblioteket (literally translated as The Norwegian Library).

With a facade completely open to the elements, avatars are free to fly in and out as they please. Enormous glass windows allow plenty of sunshine to stream in, bathing the bookshelves in a warm, lovely light - a definite no-no in a RL library. Vibrant green potted plants are strewn in between seating areas and hang pleasingly from the ceiling - no need to worry about pest control in this collection!

All of the signs and notecards here are written in Norwegian but their website provides a brief description, in English, of their intentions: "Norgesbiblioteket in Second Life is the official Norwegian project for developing library services in Second Life. In addition we seek to be an arena for educational and collaborative activities and will cooperate with educational institutions to achieve this goal."

Though there aren't any resources for the non-Norwegian speaker (yet?), the beauty of this library's architecture and it's surrounding gardens make it well worth a visit.


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