Friday, August 12, 2011

Are Y'all Excited for Library Roundup Part II? Genesis City Public Library

In the interest of seeing and reporting on as many libraries as possible, I am once again going to feature several libraries in one day.  However, unlike last time, today I will be publishing several short posts instead of one realllly long one. Keep reading to see where I went this week!

First up...Genesis City!

Now, I know I mentioned this library last week when I stumbled upon that poster selling a generic library building with generic library features. The odd thing was that the library advertised on the poster just about perfectly matched the Genesis City Library itself.

So the big question is, did the maker of the Gensis City library create this design and is attempting to sell it to make some L$s on the side, or is this library the product of some copy-and-paste method? I'm not going to try and find that out today. Instead, I am going to look at the library in the same way I would look at any other: amount of resources, target audience, and general effectiveness.

The Genesis Library boasts "ACTUAL REAL BOOKS FREE." In practice, this means that when you click on a bookshelf, you are offered a menu and then are able to choose a book, which automatically enters into your inventory. ´╗┐Somewhat annoyingly, one is not able to rez the books in the library itself. Each freestanding bookshelf offers approximately four to nine options (so no, there are not as many books as you see in the photo). The selection itself is pretty bland (Shakespeare, the Bible, Alice and Wonderland, etc.). However, since the sim of Genesis City is supposed to be modern New Jersey (although why anyone would choose New Jersey with the whole Grid before them is beyond me) this does not bother me, because it seems as if it is trying to act as a typical public library (i.e. appealing to the general public). But I must say, because these are mostly resources that are very easy to get one's hands on in other capacities (most are probably in full text online), I cannot imagine that this library sees a lot of traffic.

My favorite thing about this library is the information that floats above the bookcases once one gets close to them, telling you what is on each shelf. This is helpful, albeit not as helpful as a simple search, and is better than what most SL libraries do in conveying to the visitor what they have. All in all this is a pretty straightforward setup. I do not see any kind of reference feature. The only furnishings in addition to the bookcases are a single couch and a box of cigars, so I do not imagine they are able to hold a lot of events in this space.

The point person for this library is named Dioxide DeSantis, and the library can be found here:

Be back with more before you know it!


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