Friday, July 29, 2011

Caledon Libraries

For my post today I thought I would take time to recap my adventures around some of the Caladon libraries. Caledon, from what I can tell, is a community that is bounded together by its love of the Victorian Age and the Steampunk phenomenon. Their collection is large by SL standards, but is very specific.
The Recent Acquisitons Table

The Reading Room at Victoria City is aptly named. It’s a small space with some comfy couches and a couple of books to pick up. It’s not a library as much as it is a place to sit down, maybe read a book or discuss books with other people. I think it’s a good extension and a nice taste of what the larger Caledon libraries have to offer.

The Front of the Whitehorn Library

The Whitehorn Memorial Library, also in Caledon Victoria City, is a large structure filled with content, something that is often lacking in places labeled “libraries” in SL. When I first joined SL nearly 3 years ago, the Whitehorn Library was one of the first places I stumbled around. I remember being impressed at the amount of effort that was put into it. There are plenty of books to look at, signs for events plastered all over the walls, and even exhibits to walk through. There are several floors, each filled with books and other objects to keep your attention and keep you busy.

I get the joke now...

I then traveled to Vannevar Bush Memorial Reading Garden. Vannevar is basically a wide-open, outdoor space for people to socialize or maybe read on a bench. There’s very little content, but the books that they do have are mainly classic works about physics and technology, particularly mechanics. Other than that, there is not much else.

Once you get in, you may not be able to get out.

The last Caledon I visited was the Caledon library in Tinyville. As the name suggests, everything here is miniature. I had a hard time even getting through the front door! Once inside- occupying both the first and second floors simultaneously- I found some posters of familiar scenes from children’s literature. The books that they carry are mainly fairytales and folklore. I, myself, love children’s literature so I thought it was a really nice addition to their libraries (if only it wasn’t so small!).
Caledon libraries have way more content than most libraries on SL and present it in a very straightforward way. They encourage participation in events and there’s a fairly high turnover rate of the books they provide (high rate for SL, at least). However, never once in my 3 years of being on SL have I run into someone in a Caledon library. I’ve never even seen a green dot anywhere near me on my map. I hope that there is a time where the traffic is heavier, a time where I’m usually absent from SL. Otherwise, there is a lot of time invested into these libraries for very little attendance.


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