Friday, June 24, 2011

Introduction: JoCupcake Resident

It feels strange to be writing my first blog post about Second Life simultaneous to SL's celebration of its eighth birthday. It could appear that we're a little late coming to this party. Some people are saying that this particular virtual world has run its course, that its numbers are down, and that it's becoming harder and harder to find people to interact with, even at some of the more social places where larger crowds have always tended to congregate. This is especially true of libraries and other academic SL areas, where I have often found myself the only person on an entire island (more on these library adventures to come!). Yet I think all this actually gives us a unique perspective. 

As far as I've seen, new SL blogs are cropping us less and less frequently, and out of the huge number of SL blogs already in existence, many haven't posted in a year or more. In short, SL's (supposed) decline is hardly being documented. What we have now is the opportunity to see what people (primarily libraries and librarians, in this case) are doing to attract interest from users and their avatars, and to find out if these strategies are working.

In addition, I will blogging entirely from the point of view of a user active after the SL heyday, having only had an account for one week. With this clean slate of an outlook, my observations will be potentially helpful to the libraries I visit and the librarians I hope to speak with, in particular when it comes to bringing in other newbies like myself.
Let the adventure begin! 
                             (Me at my desk in the Al-Qantara Library)

--JoCupcake Resident

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At August 10, 2011 at 6:38 PM , Blogger Carina said...

Having been in SL for 6 years, a fresh perspective is going to be invaluable!


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