Friday, June 24, 2011

Introduction: Artemisia Sockington

                Hello everyone! This my first post on our new blog about our experiences on Second Life. We’re hoping that (beyond recording what we find and do) that we may also extend our presence beyond SL as well. I’ve been on SL for roughly 3 years now so I’m excited about the possibilities this may bring!
                One event that is quickly approaching is the release of a book I’ve been working on for several months for the Al Qantara library. The primary focus is on trade economy of al Andalus during the Medieval Age and its importance in the larger Eurasian trade sphere that few know about. I discuss some of the particulars of their trade system and the possible reasons for its success. I had a great time researching this topic which I knew very little about. While it isn’t a widely discussed topic, I was faced with a lot of information, all of which I desperately wanted to refer to in my book. Unfortunately, synthesizing all of those ideas, facts and anecdotes into a comprehensive work was more than I could handle and I ended-up having to cut a lot of sections out (maybe we’ll see them again in another book one day!).
                If you are interested in getting a signed copy of my book please join me and other Al Qantara residents in discussing trade during that time, please join us on July 7th, location to be announced.

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